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Board of Review – Additional positions are available…

close up photo of a volunteer id

As an update, we filled a seat on the Board of Review though we have a couple of additional seats available for those interested in serving on the city’s BOR. This is a great opportunity to help your community with an important governmental process to ensure the assessment process is completed congruent with established standards, and further this process serves as a mechanism for those that have any questions or concerns.

For those that would like to help, you should consider this opportunity, especially those that want to help though are possibly concerned about related scheduling and time constraints. The total time and frequency commitments are quite low compared to other positions. In short, you’ll need to complete a web-based training every two years, and you will meet approximately 1-3 times a year as needed— that’s it! Please see below for additional information pertaining to the process and ways you can contact us directly. Looking forward to reviewing your application sometime soon…. thanks!

With a cooperative attitude and consistent effort in developing a stable economic and recreational base, Lake City will improve the quality of life for every citizen.

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