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Responsible for election processes along with various mandatory administrative and record keeping functions

  • Duly elected position
  • Elected at large
  • Sworn into office
    • Due to a vacancy in 2023, the office is currently held by a City Council appointee, so the office will be up for election November 2023.

In the ensuing excerpts from the City Charter, you will see the broad responsibilities for the position, including:

  • The City Clerk, or designee, will attend all meetings of the City Council, and further shall keep a permanent journal of council proceedings.
  • Custodian of the city seal, and shall affix it to request documents;
  • Custodian of all papers, documents and records pertaining to the city;
  • Shall provide proper officials notice of the expiration or termination of their terms of office and any official bonds, franchises, contracts, or agreements to which the city is a party.
  • Shall keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the council and, keep council informed on concerns;
  • Shall have the power to administer all oaths required by law and by the ordinances;
  • Shall certify all ordinances and resolutions enacted or passed by the
    council and such certification shall be prima facie evidence of the due and proper action of the council thereon;
  • Shall be the general accountant of the City, and further shall keep the books of account of all city assets, receipts, and expenditures congruent with the uniform systems required by law;
  • Shall maintain an inventory of city owned property;
  • Shall balance the city’s books monthly, and shall provide a financial report for City Council;
  • Shall respond to inquiry audit requests;
  • Shall be the budget office unless delegated;
  • Other duties, the Clerk shall perform other duties as the council directs

In addition, there are a range of specific duties and assignments that are routinely performed, including the following:

  • Develops and distributes agendas and meeting minutes for City Council meetings
  • Prepares a monthly bills list
  • Maintains custody of the City Seal
  • Chief Elections and Voter Registration Officer
  • Responsible for elections at all levels of government
  • Stays apprised of all election instruction courses
  • Administers and files oaths of office
  • Maintains official records and documents of the city
  • Serves as the Freedom of information Act Coordinate
  • Records and preserves legislative action
  • Maintains the code of ordinances/resolutions
  • Provides notice for public hearings
  • Issues deeds and maintains cemetery plot records
  • Updates City Council address and calendar lists
  • Files required reports for state/federal governments including MDOT and Treasury
  • Answers the city telephone, answers questions, and collects money
  • Obtains/Sorts postal mail
  • Records/Signs/Sends out checks for paying bills and payroll
  • Responds to all garbage and recycling complaints