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Phase 1
Program Registration

Phase 2
Program Costs/Payments

Phase 3
Inspection & Follow-Up

Phase 4
Program Administration


Registration Opens (after January 1st).

Applicant will submit 'Wait' List Fee; if applicable

Applicant will meet the Ordinance Officer at the scheduled date/time for the inspection.

You will receive an email or letter to confirm completion of the annual/biannual requirements.


All rental unit applicants must obtain registration paperwork from staff at City Hall.

Applicant will submit Registration Fees

If needed, the Ordinance Officer will contact you to schedule a different appointment; as his schedule allows.

You may now advertise your unit/residence.


Applicant will submit application paperwork by January 15th.

Applicant will submit Annual or biannual Inspection Fees

You must rectify any inspection deficiencies; per the Ordinance Officers direction.

You may now rent your unit/residence.


Staff will confirm receipt of completed paperwork or will request additional information.

Staff will provide a copy of your payment information/receipt

Once the Ordinance Officer is ready to 'sign-off', he'll submit the final paperwork to staff.

You, or your noted designee, are responsible for communicating with Staff, including any program data/address changes.


Once a completed application is received. Staff will confirm the type of rental permit that is being sought.

Staff will provide available dates/times for the inspection.

(applicant may progress to phase 4)

You, or your noted designee, are responsible for addressing any concerns or paying any fines.


If the applicant is seeking an exemption due to the rental type. 'Proof' will be requested.

Applicant will select a date and confirm with office staff.

(applicant will follow up with staff on/after January 1 of the ensuing year)


Applicant must provide adequate proof that the unit does not qualify due to a program specified exemption.

Staff will follow-up to schedule with the Ordinance Officer.


Staff must confirm if the exemption request is valid.

(applicant may progress to phase 3)


If there is a valid 'waiver' than the application process stops.


If the unit falls within the purview of the LTR or STR program, than the Applicant may progress to phase 2.


(applicant may progress to phase 2)